A day of natural disasters

This is the town where my dad and stepmom live, in Kentucky. I talked to Dad earlier today; they have a gas fireplace, so they have heat — and now they have a generator too, so there’s will be power in their future. By the sounds of things, half the neighborhood is camped out in their house.

If you’re in the area and you can lend a hand (or a generator, or gasoline, or a truck, or a chainsaw) … Leitchfield sure could use it.

Edited to add helpful phone numbers:
(Keep in mind, some phone lines are down; some places are operating on generators and have phone service.)

Leitchfield fire department: (270) 259-6376
Leitchfield city hall: (270) 259-4034
Leitchfield Police Department: (270)-259-3850
Grayson County Emergency Medical Center: (270) 259-9601
Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center: (270) 259-9400
Leitchfield Humane Society: (270) 230-8839 (You can bet they’re in trouble, too)

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