If you live in western Washington then you may have already heard the story: Puppy mills raided, hundreds of dogs rescued from deplorable conditions, dogs being stashed at the fairgrounds because there’s no place to put them … yeah. It’s a mess of a tale, and it’s about to get messier.

Roughly 500 of the rescued dogs are pregnant. The average litter for a stressed dog is about three pups, and a little quick math will tell you that the Skagit County Fairgrounds and the Everett Animal Shelter are about to get a lot more crowded over the next few weeks.

Most of the dogs in question are small breeds — chihuahuas, yorkies, pugs and the like. Those who aren’t healthy have been triaged and attended to by vets, and the rest are still being processed by the authorities and by volunteer groups from Snohomish and Skagit county. But the shelters and the volunteer groups are in desperate need of money, supplies, and more volunteers. Each dog is costing about twenty bucks a day to house, heal, groom and feed while they recover enough to become adoptable.

You can read a local news report on the subject right here, and if you’d like to lend a hand, then I’d like to point you at some more links.

  • KOMO 4 Problem Solvers Donation Form. KOMO 4 is the local ABC affiliate, and their Problem Solvers program donates much-needed resources to a variety of local causes. Just designate your donation for “problem solvers” instead of “flood relief” in the drop-down menu, and leave a note in the comments field saying that your gift goes to the dogs.

  • Saving Pets One at a Time. S.P.O.T. is a local volunteer rescue organization that’s been helping out with the dog deluge. If you scroll down just a click or two you’ll see their formal announcement, requests, and suggestions regarding the seized animals.

Anyway, feel free to pass this around and share it with interested parties. I got the info from my pals Mark and Caroline Henry, who have already sent helpful items and have put their names on the list to foster or adopt a pooch (when the dogs become available). If you can do likewise, then please consider it. Gather up some towels, scrounge up some dogfood coupons, or pull together some toys. Pass along some brushes or shampoo, or paper towels and blankets. You name it, these guys need it.