Ordinarily I don’t do this kind of thing (and no one is paying or urging me to do so now), but today I’m going to recommend a product — this steam mop, the Bissell 1867-7 Hard-Floor Cleaner. I ordered the steam mop via Amazon.com after noting that the old-school linoleum in our future apartment’s kitchen/bathroom (a). is supposed to be white with black accents, and (b). will require some tough love to keep bright and shiny … and furthermore (c). the hardwoods in the new place are also much nicer, and will likewise benefit from a little steam-lovin’.

I’ve spent the last 2-1/2 years in an apartment with a floor that looked permanently filthy, and it’s driven me nuts; I refuse to subject myself to the same in our lovely new place — which, not altogether unrelatedly, has considerably more floor space to manage. Ergo, after asking around and doing some research, I purchased the above-linked steam mop in the hue of “Green Tea” (because it was cheaper; perhaps they’re discontinuing the color or something).

It arrived today.

Curious, and with a disgusting floor just lurking right over there … I decided to take this baby for a test drive. I assembled it according to the handy-dandy instructions, pulled everything out of the kitchen, swept it out, and fired up the mop.

Click the following jump to see some [utterly unretouched] before and after shots, as well as product observations and notes.

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