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Monday Assortment

5 years, 11 months ago, in the evening

  • Fathom gathers new Amazon reviews, some good, some meh. Feel free to go contribute your own, if will let you. A few folks have told me they’ve tried and been unable; and if this happens to you, then I’m very sorry — and I thank you for taking the time to make the attempt.

  • Speaking of Fathom I’ve gotten a handful of emails asking about the tower that appears at the beginning and end of the book — and/or what it’s based on. Click that-there set of pictures to take a peek around the real Historic Bok Sanctuary. I took those shots a couple of years ago, when I was home in Florida for Christmas.

  • Here’s a book trailer worth watching. This one’s for Catherynne Valente’s Palimpsest, and — much like the book — it’s perfectly lovely. Go get a gander of the trailer and I encourage you to consider the novel, too.