Tagged, Bagged, and Flagged

Fine. Here’s that 25-Things-About-Me meme. 1. When I was a kid, I was fiercely allergic to cats — I’m talking swelling eyes, closing throat, whole nine yards. This crippling allergy evaporated somewhere around puberty, thank God. 2. Orange is my favorite color, sort of. I have a lot of favorite colors; they tend to rotate. […]

Of maps and missions

I spent most of my day at the Seattle Public Library — trying to navigate the peculiar (but interesting) architecture, and rifling through 120-year old maps. The “Seattle Room” is on the tenth floor; and there, I found a local history collection where I was assisted by a very competent librarian to whom I did […]

A day of natural disasters

This is the town where my dad and stepmom live, in Kentucky. I talked to Dad earlier today; they have a gas fireplace, so they have heat — and now they have a generator too, so there’s will be power in their future. By the sounds of things, half the neighborhood is camped out in […]