Home now.

Am alive. Am also badly parked in about half a foot of snow, across the street from my apartment and far too close to a stop sign; but I’m willing to risk the ticket, because my poor little car isn’t moving another inch until the snow has had some time to melt up here. It […]


Oh yeah. THIS is why I come home to Florida so rarely, even though I love it here. As you may well recall from my previous post, getting to my home state was a real bear. Now it appears that going back to Seattle is going to be a real picnic too. My original flight […]

Hasty Posting

So I’m sitting in a hotel lobby with my cousin, and when he’s finished checking his work email, we have to leave (he’s driving. I go when he goes). But I wanted to let everyone know I’m alive, and that I’m in Florida, and that it’s beautiful here, and that yes — I know it’s […]