Dead men working a sinner a saint

I took the day off, and I spent it by myself — slushing through the after-Christmas sales, and entertaining myself with cheap doo-dads and lunch. I probably shouldn’t have spent the money, but it was relaxing; and since finishing Draft Zero of Clementine, I really needed the downtime. Oh well. I regret nothing. And now I give you bullets.

  • Fathom at Amazon. Naturally, the first Amazon review is filled to the brim with “meh.” But if anyone who read the book enjoyed it, and if Amazon will let you,* I’m not above begging for public commentary.

  • Those Who Went Remain There Still builds up steam. Whoever this speculative fiction junkie may be, I am tremendously grateful to him/her for the kind sentiments.

  • A very Florida Christmas. Click to go see shots from my holiday vacation, though please pardon my general, “Oh God, I’ve just spent a week with my family” ragged-out appearance.

  • Cool vintage family photos. As has been pointed out by assorted internet commenters, my grandmother looked like a young Milla Jovovich, my mom was a hottie, and I now have my own shot of early 19th century nurses. I have more pictures to scan in later, but I don’t have time to do it right now. Stay tuned.

* Several people have emailed to say that Amazon wouldn’t let them leave a review, usually for some derivative of the reason, “You didn’t buy it from us” — even though at least two of the emailers did, in fact, order the book from Amazon. So. Yeah. I don’t know what to say to that.

4 thoughts on “Dead men working a sinner a saint

  1. Well, I guess I won’t bother to be another of the emails about the whole “I bought the book from Amazon and it says I didn’t and won’t let me write a review.” It’s quite wacky. But in short, Fathom was a very awesome read and while my family will probably remain annoyed that I ignored them (and their incessant whining that we had no cable) over the holidays, it was a very pleasant escape. :)

  2. I just got mine – through Amazon. So hopefully I will find some time to read it and post a review in the very near future. If it is anything like the rest of your work I am sure it will be fantastic. Have a wonderful New Year!

  3. I hear and obey!

    I finished Fathom over the weekend and I thought it was wonderful. I just successfully posted a review to Amazon — although I didn’t buy it there. (I borrowed it from the library.)

    My guess is that Amazon may be running some sort of scoring system based on recent activity. It’s easy to do with a trivial amount of code and storage. One of the possibilities has one of my favorite terms for anything, the “leaky bucket algorithm”.

    But I loved the book — did I mention that?

  4. Thank you so much, Graeme and Cyndy both :) I greatly appreciate your input, both here and on Amazon (if it let you). Readers like you make this whole business worthwhile, I swear.

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