December 29, 2008

I know I’ve been scarce since my return from Florida, but I have a most excellent excuse. Behold — here’s the final Draft Zero progress on my steampunk novella about a runaway-slave- turned-air-pirate and his lost Confederate war dirigible, a mysterious doomsday weapon, and a disenfranchised southern spy who’s gone to work for the Pinkerton National Detective Agency — now with Bonus! military intrigue and a gentle old scientist who’s slowly losing his mind:

Project: The Clementine
New Words Written Today: 5486 (BOO-YAH)
New Words Written Since Last Report: 24,371
Present Total Word Count: 57,065
Goal: Well and truly exceeded on all points.

Fiction Things Accomplished: All of them. And a super-brief epilogue. (It’s the text of a telegram sent to Allan Pinkerton.)

Real Life Things Accomplished: Nibbled on cheese and crackers and holiday cookies all day. Eschewed the internet. Tore through the final chapters to achieve Draft Zero, which tickles me pink.

What’s Next: Next, I’m going to let it sit for 24 hours — then cut it down to a Draft One that I can pass on to Schafer. Ideally, I’d like to reduce the word count on this one by at least 5000 words (as I think some of the earlier sections are unnecessarily fluffed, and bits ought to be excised); and I’ll deliver this first solid draft on New Year’s Day.

Reason for Stopping: Excessive squee and general need to get away from my laptop.

Total Fiction Words Composed in 2008: 331,914 — Which will likely be my year-end total. It’s a respectable figure, if somewhat short of what I’d hoped. Still, I count myself a fairly happy camper. This is absolutely the most I’ve ever written in any given year of my life, and I’m frankly rather proud of myself.

11 thoughts on “December 29, 2008

  1. Z

    Congrats; that’s quite a word count.

  2. Thanks!
    [:: high fives ::]

  3. Z

    Whaddya say, 500,000 for 2009? Eh?

  4. I’m going to stab for an average of 1000 a day, so 365,000 for the year. I don’t think this goal is altogether unreasonable.

  5. Z

    Not at all! You practically did so this year! And if you pardon my language, 2008 has been a motherfucker for just about everyone I know. If yours has been a similar “challenge”, it’s amazing you got as high a word count as you did!

  6. I am so excited about this.

  7. raaven

    Woohoooo! Congrats!

  8. Cherie, congratulations! That is a very impressive yearly word count. And congrats, too, on finishing Draft Zero. My husband would say that that calls for a martini with two olives — please do celebrate with the libation of your choice, and add double the trimmings!

  9. wil


    Err. I mean. Um. Congratulations! :D

  10. Damedini


    Just finishing Fathom. Very very weird. Bloody brilliant. I appreciated the De Lint comment – Fathom is odd in the way some of his best are.

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