Belated Reports of Happy Events

I know I’ve been feeble on the posting front, but it’s been an amazingly social week — jam-packed with Stuff We Did, People We Met, and Things We Attended; and in addition to all the meatspace face-time with the masses, I’m eyeballs deep in a huge proofreading freelance project, as well as composition on The Clementine.* And then, of course, I was compelled to redo my webpage in order to shamelessly pimp showcase my next publishing projects.

What? Procrastinating? Me? How dare you even suggest it.

Anyway, I picked a very clean theme and customized it accordingly; and God help me, I hope it works as tidily as I think it does. Feel free to bop on over and check it out if you’re reading this via an RSS feed or through LiveJournal. And while you’re here, by all means take a moment to click all the pretty buttons and maybe, just maybe, order a book or two.

Although Fathom and Those Who Went Remain There Still won’t be released for another week or two, the beautiful trade paperback edition of Dreadful Skin is hot off the press and ready to ship. So if the idea of a werewolf-hunting Irish nun in the wild-wild west sounds groovy to you (or a loved one in need of a hip, inexpensive holiday gift), well then, you know which link to click for near-instant gratification.

But enough pimping for now. Now it’s time for the pictures I’ve been promising you since Monday … pictures from Portland mostly — including (but not limited to) such diverse elements as the Chinese gardens, the Sisters of Mercy concert (now with Bonus! video), and the long-awaited spectacles (complete with goofy expression on yours truly). Click the jump to partake of the cheesy, full-color goodness.

This is the best picture I managed to take from the Sisters of Mercy concert, and I do declare, it’s kind of cool. Lookie! Andrew Eldritch, in all his smokey, day-glo glory.

portland adventures 045

But mostly the whole thing looked like this.

And now for a shot of my husband, looking a wee bit wiped out — but then again, this was the third day of a convention, and we were all a bit zombie-esque.

portland adventures 028

And now for a couple shots from the gardens. I’d post a few more, but Flickr has decided that only my two most recent pages of uploads are worth looking at, so that’s all you get.

Aric giggled about this thing below all day. It was a ceramic lion towards the end of the gardens; and beside the lion was a stack of surveys. You were supposed to fill them out (telling them how you felt about your garden-traipsing experience) and then stuff them into this little lion’s mouth.

portland adventures 036

Look! A persimmon! [:: runs away ::]

portland adventures 031

And the lovely floor tiles, towards the middle of the garden.

portland adventures 013

Finally, I give you the new specs. This photo does not do them justice, I’m afraid, but I’m also too lazy to take another picture, so here you go. Kindly ignore the ghastly tape and glue over my left eye, please.

new glasses

* It’s not due until New Year’s, but I’m exceedingly fond of the project and I’m very itchy to dive back into it, now that the first of the holidays is past.

4 thoughts on “Belated Reports of Happy Events

  1. Did you have a pro account @ Flickr, that may have expired?

  2. Nope. It doesn’t expire until April.

  3. Very odd about the Flickr thing, I’ve had no trouble with it at all over the last few days. (Facebook and Twitter on the other hand have hardly loaded for me.)

    Anyway, glad to see you got the new design to work for you. You need to get yourself a Gravatar though!

    Also, the lion thing made me giggle for an entire five minutes straight.

  4. It’s not just me; and it has something to do with Yahoo, as I understand it. But it’s working more now than it has for several days, so I won’t bother to complain.

    As for a Gravatar … eh … I dunno. If I get some time, maybe I’ll noodle around with one, I guess.

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