Reports of my Death

Hey everyone, and I’m sorry I’ve been so slow with that convention report/general update with pictures I’ve been promising; but Flickr is on the fritz for me, and I have lots of work to catch up on today/tonight, so you won’t get the skinny from this particular post, alas. But here’s a quick and general note of my continued survival, now with convenient bullet points:

* Spent yesterday in Olympia, in the company of Kat and Caitlin — helping to assemble Ikea cabinetry. Was fun. Took all day, which was fine. This accounts for yesterday’s lack of posting.

* Picked up my new glasses — the ones I didn’t quite have time to pick up before leaving for Portland, thank God. They are super-cute, tiny and brown metal with blue accents; and I will take pictures of them/me/the pirate-inflicted knife wound later.

* Spent most of today running errands with Ellen, and later shopping with Ellen and the aforementioned Kat. We covered Christmas gifts for a handful of family members, ate a fine lunch at Bad Albert’s, and generally tootled around downtown near the market for about 4 hours. This accounts for today’s lack of posting.

* Next up: Must clean house and go grocery shopping in preparation for Thanksgiving, which will be hosted at chez moi. This is awesome, but it necessitates much running around and staying away from the computer. I beg your collective pardon and wish the lot of you quite well.

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