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Via the exceedingly kind and uncommonly helpful Bill at Subterranean, I give you the Library Journal review of Fathom:

“Priest, Cherie. Fathom. Tor Dec. 2008. c.384p. ISBN 978-0-7653-1840-4. $25.95. FANTASY

Long before humans populated Earth, monsters and creatures now regarded as myths roamed the world. The Creator banished or destroyed these terrible creations before turning the world over to the human race, but a few still linger, seeking to regain their sovereignty over the planet. In coastal Florida, a young woman once imprisoned in a statue and a handful of other reluctant heroes stumble headlong into a battle to protect the planet from a return to madness. Priest (Not Flesh Nor Feathers; Wings to the Kingdom; Four and Twenty Blackbirds) again demonstrates her keen eye for detail and ambiance as she re-creates an enchanting part of America as the setting for a tale of horror of biblical proportions. Part fairy tale, part work of modern gothic horror, Priest’s latest belongs in most libraries.”

It would be a great and hearty understatement to say that I am pleased with the review, and quite grateful to Bill for passing it along. Perhaps this will encourage more folks to preorder Fathom, for selfish personal reasons or gift-giving purposes. (Also, don’t forget — this book is the Barnes & Noble paranormal bookclub selection for December.)

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Speaking of Schafer and Subterranean, if you haven’t given it a peek yet, my long-short-story/novelette “Tanglefoot” is live and free for the reading right now. It’s the tale of a gentle, tragic mad scientist and his boy assistant; and it’s the very first fiction appearing in my alternate history/steampunk universe The Clockwork Century.

Sorry to be so quick with the pimp for your Monday reading, but I’m actually quite bogged down in errands and deadlines — and I hope to return this afternoon with proper content and maybe even a picture or two. But for now, I must settle for earnest begging, winking, and hip-wiggling in hopes that Fathom preorders and “Tanglefoot” traffic might experience a little bump.

Thanks for reading, thanks for ordering, and thanks for clicking.
I’ll be back online later.

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