Please help me, vintage enthusiasts.

This afternoon I was poking through the new Goodwill in the University district when a tiny black velvet purse winked at me. With a cute little rim of rhinestones, an old-fashioned clasp, and a tag that said $3.99, how could I say no?

Once I got the bag home, I took the liberty of examining it more closely; and I am increasingly charmed by it. The velvet is essentially flawless, except for a very faint square where the price sticker was applied by some clueless clerk — and the interior feels like silk. The inside zipper still works, though it’s clearly old and tarnished. Except for the aforementioned super-faint sticker outline, the bag is in mint condition as far as I can tell.

I’m guessing it’s an early 1950s model, but I’m really no expert. If any excessively informed vintage enthusiasts out there can tell me anything more about my new favorite thrift store find, I’d love to hear from you. Pictures are posted beneath the cut (including a close-up of the original brand’s label, which is still intact).

[Edited to add: I love my readers.]

(Click any of the photos to visit the Flickr page, and see larger sizes if desired.)
Here’s an overview.


The interior, without a scratch.


Here’s a closeup of the label, which reads, “Handbags by G.D.K.”


Detail shot of the rhinestone rim.


Size comparison shot with my hand on the left, and the cat’s whiskers on the right (she went headfirst into the picture, because she is a cat, and she enjoys being inconvenient). Also, you can see by the light of the flash, the velvet is almost perfect.


So. Anyone? Any thoughts?
I’m also taking suggestions as to how I might ever-so-gently clean the almost-invisible square where the sticker was applied.

3 thoughts on “Please help me, vintage enthusiasts.

  1. Oh, wow, that is adorable. Awesome find!

  2. Nice…very nice indeed. You found an excellent bargain.

  3. Ann white

    I just saw your post. I too just bought a brown velvet fold over hand bag by GDK! It has a rhinestone closer and the mirrror and coin purse are still with the purse!

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