Every time I look at you I go blind

New post up at Jeff VandeMeer’s jukebox — this time covering the messy, sordid saga of my defective mutant eyeballs, and other things Jeff’s readers probably don’t give a hooey about.

Special bonus info just for you, my dedicated audience: I just ordered OMG the cutest new eyeglasses.* They’re tiny brown frames with blue accents which are yes, too trendy for the room; but I am assured they are posh and hip and vaguely, if you squint at them the right way, kind of steampunky.

I’ll absolutely post pictures in 8-10 business days when the aforementioned spectacles return from the shop, equipped with my astonishingly expensive lenses.

* Strangely enough, this year’s visit to the ophthalmologist’s chair revealed that my eyes have markedly improved (roughly a full point) over the last year. This is bizarre, yes, and also good. However, it means that my glasses are now too strong (by roughly a full point) and the prescription is no doubt contributing to the ocular migraines mentioned over on Jeff’s page. So the time has come for new glasses, even though my “old” glasses are only a little over a year old. Oh well. They’ll make lovely back-up glasses.

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