Two things, real quick:

(1). This week, I’ll be guest-blogging over at Jeff VanderMeer’s place. I’m tickled pink, rather nervous, and generally excited about it, though I’ve never really guest-blogged for anyone before and I’m quite confident I’m going to make an ass of myself at some point, if I haven’t done so already with the first post.

(2). One bit of overlap between this blog and Jeff’s: For those of you who have been curious about my steampunk universe, The Clockwork Century, you can find the very first bit of fiction to appear in that setting over here at Subterranean Online. “Tanglefoot” is the story of a gentle, tragic mad scientist and his boy assistant — who is told that he needs to make more friends. So the boy … erm … makes himself a friend. Please go read the tale, and I do pray you enjoy it.

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