November 6, 2008

Yes, I’ve been very distracted by Halloween and the election, and yes, I’ve been a very bad writer who has gotten very little work done. But now I’m back on the pony, and I have been quite productive.

So here’s today’s progress on my steampunk novella about a runaway-slave- turned-air-pirate and his lost Confederate war dirigible, a mysterious doomsday weapon, and a disenfranchised southern spy who’s gone to work for the Pinkerton National Detective Agency — now with Bonus! military intrigue and a gentle mad scientist who’s slowly losing his mind:

Project: The Clementine
New Words Written Today: 3610 (much better, yes)
Present Total Word Count: 8222
Goal: 45,000 words (approx.)

Fiction Things Accomplished: Got Maria Isabella Boyd into Allan Pinkerton’s office, and watched the sparks fly.* In real life, she was a Confederate spy and he was once a Union spy; in my fictional universe, now they’re both retired and he’s hired her into the Pinkerton National Detective Agency.

Real Life Things Accomplished: Not much, frankly. Changed litterbox, made bed, did dishes; picked up trial pair of contacts from eye doctor’s place; contacted management about aggravating and increasingly copious leak from kitchen ceiling; ate too much leftover Halloween candy.

Reason for Stopping: I told myself I’d go until 8000 words or 3:00, whichever hit first. I have some other work to do today, and I want to get a start on it before Aric gets home from his day job.

Total Fiction Words Composed in 2008: 283,071

* These are not sexy sparks, I assure you. They are sparks of suspicion and antagonism.

2 thoughts on “November 6, 2008

  1. Is this the same leak they’ve been working on and yet not fixing for, like, how long now? Not that I can say I fair much better in my own place; my toilet’s had these hairline cracks since I moved in and they’re slowly getting more pronounced.

  2. No, not the same leak. Different leak. New, exciting leak! [:: headdesk ::]

    And thanks much for the preorder :) I hope you enjoy it!

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