Links for the Voting Masses (and everyone else)

*Apex Raffle Time. Via the fine folks at Apex Digest: “We’ve pulled from our high-security cellar vaults some the most fiendishly delightful goodies you’ve ever seen, like free fiction critiques, ARCs of as-yet unavailable books signed by the authors, valuable rare books worth more than $50, a steampunk classic with zepplins–REAL ZEPPLINS!–doodled by the author […]

When it went down

Around 7:00 p.m. the Cap Hill Gang (Ellen, Suezie, Aric, and me) skipped down to Victrola — where an election party was not quite in full swing, but you could see it from there. We bogarted a corner in the back, with padded benches and a couple of velvet pillows; it was out-of-the-way and we […]