Belated Reports of Happy Events

I know I’ve been feeble on the posting front, but it’s been an amazingly social week — jam-packed with Stuff We Did, People We Met, and Things We Attended; and in addition to all the meatspace face-time with the masses, I’m eyeballs deep in a huge proofreading freelance project, as well as composition on The […]

Long, busy week

Yesterday was delightful; we had a full house of folks, including Ellen, Suezie and her S.O. Keith, Alex T., and Psynde.* I didn’t take any pictures, simply because I didn’t think to do so, and it’s just as well. Flickr is still giving me intermittent hassle; sometimes it works fine, sometimes it is made of […]

Photo Host of the Damned

Ordinarily I have wonderful luck and success with Flickr, but for the last few days it’s been so b0rked that I can’t do a damn thing with it. Therefore, I still can’t show you my collection of Brightly Colored Fog Pictures taken at the Sisters of Mercy show; nor do I feel like wrestling my […]