When the First Zombie War came…

zombienurse … Back in 1880, someone had to tend the wounded. The field nurses were a hardy breed — utterly fearless, heavily armed, and carrying a small hospital’s worth of supplies on their person in case of injured survivors. They were known by their emblem, a white cross on red, and by their sturdy blue cloaks that protected them from inclement weather and undead bites alike.

But … um … before we hit the g0thbar, we’re going to catch Quarantine in the theater at the mall. So if anybody there asks, I guess I’m Clara Barton. Or Florence Nightingale. Or something. Happy Halloween, everyone!

2 thoughts on “When the First Zombie War came…

  1. What happened to the Batgirl costume idea?

    Not that this isn’t outrageously awesome and cool. I’m just wondering is all.

  2. Batgirl goes tomorrow night, at the Team Seattle party :) And thanks!

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