October 30, 2008

bullprayer2 I realize that not everybody out there has had a lifetime of parochial school like yours truly, but surely someone in this ORGANIZED PRAYER GROUP on Wall Street might’ve sensed a little irony.

In all fairness, technically that’s a bronze bull and not a golden calf. But still. I mean. Seriously. Full story here; photo credit here.

(Click image to view larger.)

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3 thoughts on “October 30, 2008

  1. Jim

    People are strange.

  2. Indeed they are.

  3. Mfheadcase

    Hmmm, i seem to recall that proper worshipful use for a bronze bull involved it having a lockable door, people you don’t like locked inside, and a fire under its belly.

    Let’s hope that the God botherers don’t also come around to remembering that while they are desperate enough to change which god they bother.

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