Month: August 2008

My DragonCon schedule – Let me show you it

Friday 4:00, Montreal/Vancouver room – Steampunk: From Fiction to Reality. Steampunk has made the leap from the printed page to being one of the fastest growing subcultures around. Come to this panel and learn how the steampunk aesthetic is influencing fashion, music, and lifestyle.

Friday 8:30 p.m., Montreal/Vancouver room – Bad Mojo. An exploration of magic, psionics, and “wild talents” in dark fantasy and urban fantasy.

Saturday 11:15 a.m., Decatur, Georgia – [:: Not at the DragonCon site ::] SFF panel with me, Kevin J. Anderson, John Scalzi, and Tobias Buckell at the Decatur Book Festival.

Saturday 10:00 p.m. Montreal/Vancouver room – Mondo Zombie. Because you demanded it, the long-awaited presentation on zombies in literature! A panel of writers talks about how they have used the icon of “the walking dead” in their creative works.

Sunday 2:30 p.m., M301 – M304 – Signing/autograph session.

So come out and find me! I’m arriving on Thursday afternoon and leaving Sunday immediately after that signing to head up to my dad’s in Kentucky for a few days. I’m always happy to meet readers and fans, and I’ve got some space in between my scheduled activities, here and there.

I’m going to try and log off shortly, in order to pack and plan for travel, but I’ll still be around until this evening. Aric* and I will be leaving at Oh-Hell-No-thirty in the morning, and Lord knows what internet time or access I’ll have during the convention itself.

So I wrap this up with fond hopes to see some of you down in the ATL, and a superbly retouched photo from yesterday’s set, courtesy of LJ’s own Kakaze.


Have a good one, folks!
I’ll catch you on the other side.

* Yes, he’s coming too. For awhile we thought he wasn’t going to be able to join me until Saturday due to a work conflict, but it resolved itself and now we’ll be traveling in tandem after all.

Things up to which I have been

Today I spent much of the afternoon at the park with Caitlin Kittredge, where we played dress-up and took pictures. Then we grabbed Aric and jaunted off to see Death Race, which was exactly what it was supposed to be. It was awful, and awesome. I’ll try to compose a proper review tomorrow, but I’ll also spend tomorrow packing and preparing for DragonCon so we’ll see how much time I can snag to spend online in the morning.

I am pleased to note that Caitlin seems pretty happy with her pictures. You can see the full set here, on her Flickr page. And you should totally go and look, because she’s absolutely lovely.

I am also tickled pink by the shots she took of me. She did an amazing job; she’s not just a wonderful model, but she’s a damn fine photographer, too. My favorite shot (of me) is below this jump cut. Click “read more” to see it.

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Link Lovin’ Quick and Dirty

* Have you written a zombie novel? The inimitable Night Shade Books wants to hear from you, or at least, its proprietor Jeremy Lassen does. Click the link for details. Favorite post excerpt quote: “If you have a completed zombie novel, and it doesn’t suck …”

* I don’t appreciate the attempt to put a woman’s birth control choices in the hands of someone other than the woman concerned. There’s been a great deal of discussion re: the leaked memo and a certain politician’s quest to see birth control reclassified as abortion. We’ve got until September 30 to be heard. Go to Tamora Pierce’s journal for a collection of useful links on the subject.

* Anachronistic Victorian post-apocalyptic field nurse costume — not a joke. It’s coming together nicely, in fact. This afternoon I’m going to wander down the hill and make one last grab at thrifting my way to a more appropriate (plainer, long-sleeved) shirt to wear beneath the apron. I’m shooting for the “I just amputated a soldier’s arm with a hacksaw, then I delivered a baby and fought my way through a horde of zombies, punk, so what’ve you done today?” vibe.

* Geek Ink. Comics fans show off tattoos; some are better than others, most are quite impressive. I’m all about embracing it and permanently displaying it, baby.