My DragonCon schedule – Let me show you it

Friday 4:00, Montreal/Vancouver room – Steampunk: From Fiction to Reality. Steampunk has made the leap from the printed page to being one of the fastest growing subcultures around. Come to this panel and learn how the steampunk aesthetic is influencing fashion, music, and lifestyle. Friday 8:30 p.m., Montreal/Vancouver room – Bad Mojo. An exploration of […]

Things up to which I have been

Today I spent much of the afternoon at the park with Caitlin Kittredge, where we played dress-up and took pictures. Then we grabbed Aric and jaunted off to see Death Race, which was exactly what it was supposed to be. It was awful, and awesome. I’ll try to compose a proper review tomorrow, but I’ll […]

Link Lovin’ Quick and Dirty

* Have you written a zombie novel? The inimitable Night Shade Books wants to hear from you, or at least, its proprietor Jeremy Lassen does. Click the link for details. Favorite post excerpt quote: “If you have a completed zombie novel, and it doesn’t suck …” * I don’t appreciate the attempt to put a […]