take one down, pass it around

Hey Louisiana readers: The St. Bernard Animal Shelter has a situation on its hands. About a hundred animals (70 dogs and 30 cats) must be adopted out at an emergency event this Saturday, lest they be euthanized due to lack of space. The shelter workers are doing their absolute best to re-home the animals — […]

Is it bright where you are? Have the people changed?

Thanks times a million or two for all the internet birthday wishes — you guys are wonderful, and I appreciate it tremendously. I must say, thirty-three doesn’t feel much different from thirty-two, except that today I have a belly full of Ellen‘s cookies and Moon Pies (duly nuked and eaten with a fork). Likewise I’m […]

Coming Around Again

The great joy of having half a dozen projects in the air is that, at any given moment, priorities can shift. Projects get bumped, declined, rearranged in a publisher’s queue, or simply dropped. And although none of those things has happened to me lately, I have gotten some editorial interest in one of the projects […]