Month: July 2008

take one down, pass it around

Hey Louisiana readers: The St. Bernard Animal Shelter has a situation on its hands. About a hundred animals (70 dogs and 30 cats) must be adopted out at an emergency event this Saturday, lest they be euthanized due to lack of space. The shelter workers are doing their absolute best to re-home the animals — thus this emergency event — but overcrowding has hit critical mass and time is running out.

Most of the animals up for adoption are kittens and puppies.

So click the link for details, and please do consider bringing home a four-footed pal. Shelter animals make wonderful pets and excellent company — just ask Spain the Cat, who joined our household via a shelter in Red Bank, Tennessee back in 2002.


Is it bright where you are? Have the people changed?

Thanks times a million or two for all the internet birthday wishes — you guys are wonderful, and I appreciate it tremendously. I must say, thirty-three doesn’t feel much different from thirty-two, except that today I have a belly full of Ellen‘s cookies and Moon Pies (duly nuked and eaten with a fork).

Likewise I’m a little out of breath and wound up from spending the afternoon talking with Clarion workshop students, who are absolutely wonderful. They’re a welcoming, friendly bunch who let me babble at them for nearly two hours about life, the universe, and everything; and in the back of the room Chuck Palahnuik observed the proceedings. In fact, he seemed very nice, and he did not roll his eyes at me or anything, even though I was totally acting like an over-excited goober. I become so very goofy when I get to talk about writing stuff, because, well, it’s what I do and it’s what I’m most proud of, and I like to share. And when I get excited, I talk about 90 miles an hour and trip over my own exposition.

But everyone was really cool, and bonus thanks go to Maggie, who is apparently my biggest fan. She was ultra-enthusiastic and very informed, and she asked a lot of great questions. She saved me when I flailed, and she is awesome. Meeting such a fan — AND getting to talk to a room full of writers who didn’t seem inclined to throw anything at me — was just a wonderful birthday present from the universe, I swear.

Tonight, I’m not sure what’s on the agenda. There’s a giant bag o’ goodies from my husband on the table, and I’m trying not to open it until he gets home; though I confess that I cracked and read the card. It made me laugh. I will smooch him for it when he returns from work.

And for now, I have an errand or two to run before Aric arrives, so I shall log off — but not before leaving you with two links:

(1). Because I might’ve gushed at length about these cookies to the Clarion crew, here’s the recipe for Margarita Cookies (which I mistakenly identified as Tequila Cookies).

(2). Because it’s making the rounds and it’s deeply hilarious, Mom, Dad,
I’m Into Steampunk.

And that’s all I’ve got for now. More to come.

Coming Around Again

The great joy of having half a dozen projects in the air is that, at any given moment, priorities can shift. Projects get bumped, declined, rearranged in a publisher’s queue, or simply dropped. And although none of those things has happened to me lately, I have gotten some editorial interest in one of the projects I set aside a few months ago.

Ergo, I am once again writing on my trashy adventure about a neurotic vampire/thief and her wealthy blind client, now with Bonus! half-Cuban drag queen and military intrigue. At least, I am writing on it until editorial process comes due on Boneshaker, which ought to be fairly soonish.*

So here are today’s stats, picking up where I left off:

Project: Bloodshot
New Words Written Today: 3657 (not bad)
Present Total Word Count: 33,187
Goal: 100,000 words

Darling duJour: “The sneaky black sedans moved with preternatural slickness, as if they were touring the town on a frictionless surface.”

Fiction Things Accomplished: Ran like the devil knew our name; got the hell out of Dodge (so to speak) just in time, leaving a handful of loose ends; prepared to break into top secret military storage facilities in Minnesota; considered a nervous breakdown, restrained self.

Real Life Things Accomplished: Picked up some allergy meds at Walgreens, plus three Moon Pies which are wonderful when nuked for about 20 seconds; did dishes and tried to start laundry, but did not have enough quarters and resolved to wait; re-read most of previous Bloodshot material in order to return to prior headspace.

Stumbling blocks: Stuffy nose, headache, and the general feeling of becoming ill; power tools being operated immediately outside my apartment door; general psychological refusal to change gears.

Reason for Stopping: I’m tired and thirsty, and if I don’t get up and around I’m going to fall asleep here on the couch with my laptop spread across my legs.

Total Fiction Words Composed in 2008: 246,292

* For a relative value of soonish.