Reconsidering Fashion Sins and Body Modification

I’ve always been a bit of an awkward dresser, not least of all because I have an awkward body shape. My arms are Long Like Monkey, and I have no breasts to speak of. My feet could best be described as “comically flat,” which puts many cute shoes (and almost all heeled ones) beyond long-term […]

I can has summer?

Holy crap, the season has finally rolled over (I think), and the weather is just lovely. Mind you, Aric is a sweaty pile of grumpiness, but I’m tickled pink at my newfound ability to wear skirts and tank tops without sweaters and boots atop them. Naturally, this glorious weather would land smack in the middle […]

Loose ends at the week’s end

Late last night Team Seattle sent up the BatSignal (as Ellen put it); so, having unexpectedly finished up some work, I jaunted over to Fremont for shenanigans with Kat and Richelle. I finally staggered home around midnight, dropped into bed, and was awakened at 6:30 this morning when a very large delivery truck of some […]