Quality time at the Point Defiance Zoo

This beluga whale will sing to you his songs of love. They will sound like opera being sung through a funnel, at the bottom of a bucket. You will fall head over heels. Your parents will disapprove. So I took a whole bunch of pictures, and if you click the little link at the bottom […]

Bullet Points to Close Your Week

* Every Friday at 12 noon UK time the wonderful webcomic FREAKANGELS is updated, courtesy of Warren Ellis (author) and Paul Duffield (artist). Go check it out. Because this is the way the world ends: strangely, and with beauty. * I’m hunting for suggestions re: Twitter; which is to say, I want suggestions that don’t […]

Finding Draft One

Lately I’ve gotten some email asking about how a novel’s Draft Zero becomes a Draft One, and what the difference is between them. I can only speak for myself, of course; your processes may vary; offer void where prohibited, commentary sold by weight and not volume, etcetera. Draft Zero: When the final period is typed […]