Something New is Coming

As many of you are aware, is alive, well, and on the verge of launching into something great. Oh sure, my fine, upstanding publisher has a formal cataloging site over here — and it’s full of many grand things. But the three-letter alternate URL upon which they’ve been sitting for ages will soon blossom […]

On the Nightstand as of Late

As a disclaimer, I did not review any of the following titles for Publishers Weekly. These are the things I’ve grabbed in my spare time, what laughably little of it there is. The Ghost Map, Steven Johnson. Written by the same gentleman who brought us Everything Bad is Good for You (which is also a […]

April 29, 2008

BOOYAH. Behold, I give you … Spain the Cat approving of an ARC. But it’s not just any ARC — oh no. This is the much-anticipated ARC of my upcoming Subterranean Press project, Those Who Went Remain There Still. I’m so excited! These floppy advanced copies look so good — I can’t wait to see […]