The reading at the U-district bookstore

And in case I haven’t mentioned it today, I freakin’ adore Mark and Caitlin. They’re both sublimely entertaining; so if you ever get a chance to hear either one of them read, speak, or present at a convention, I most heartily recommend that you seize the opportunity. One more beneath the cut — for the […]

March 27, 2008

Today’s progress on the west coast steampunk Victoriana book with zombies, air ships, toxic gas clouds, mad scientists, dead folk heroes, secret criminal societies, and Bonus! extended deleted scenes from the Civil War: Project: The Boneshaker New Words: 1702 Present Total Word Count: 48,448 words Goal: 100,000 words by July 1 Things Accomplished in Fiction: […]

The Great Roadtrip Post

Sing, muse — of six authors and one long-suffering spouse on a quest for Glory in a rented minivan. Together we gathered one at a time, here and there, cramming into a tiny red Ford and tootling off to a park-and-drive in a town called DuPont — where we were assured the cops are bored […]