Randomize Timer: Hasty Entry with Bullet Points and Run-On Sentences

* Last night I dropped my sister off at the airport, and I am forced to assume she is now on the other end of the continent, sleeping like crazy. [Edit: Assumption = confirmed.] It was nice to have her here, and a very good time was had — and much money was spent, as the hunting-and-gathering instinct is strong with us. In my defense, I’d been waiting for her visit because I intended to use it as an excuse to replace all the stuff that our carnivorous closet ate in January, so it’s not like I ran out and bought myself diamonds or anything. I replaced some mold-destroyed summer clothes, mostly.

* Also I bought a bunch of books which I won’t have time to read for ages. Likewise, I purchased a new bra for the first time since I left Tennessee two years ago. Actually, I purchased three bras — but only because the store was having a sale. Now I’m set for nipple holsters through 2012.

* So now, for the first time in over a week, Aric and I have the place to ourselves. It was great to have all the out-of-towners, but it was also mighty exhausting. Tonight, we’re going to go see a movie and just have some “us” time. Since this will be “us” time, and not “People With Really Great Taste or High Standards” time, we’ll probably catch Doomsday.

* Terry Pratchett is my favorite author. Period. Hands down. I think he’s the storyteller of our time, he’s brilliant and wonderful, I’ve read everything he’s ever written, and if you’ve never read his books, then what are you doing sitting here, surfing the ‘net? Pratchett has the keenest mind I’ve ever encountered, and I admire him with a fannish love that knows no limits. And, as some of you know, he was recently diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. It would be no exaggeration to say that I felt utterly crushed to hear this. However, I was encouraged and pleased to see a great effort spring up in his honor, and I would urge everyone with an interest in Alzheimer’s research, fine authors, or superbly intelligent genre fiction to go poke around and throw a few pence in the pot.

* In other news, my civic-minded little brother is at it again — trying to save the world one trip at a time. This time, he’s planning a jaunt to Uganda, where he’ll be working with Legacy for African Children International (LACI) to assist with AIDS awareness and education. Naturally, this excursion won’t come cheap; he needs to raise about $3200 to participate this summer, and thus he has established this fine website to explain himself, illuminate the situation, and hopefully raise a few bucks in order to send himself to Africa. Please go check out his page and, at the risk of bringing two links that beg for money into one blog entry, consider helping him along.

* I might have a novel-in-progress announcement or two sometime in the next couple of days, but for now, I’m going to lay off the composition metrics in favor of, oh, I don’t know — probably kitty pictures or something. And now, I have much, much catch-up work to do. Freelance project looms, Norwescon looms this coming weekend, a signing at the University District Bookstore looms on the 19th, laundry looms, and my apartment needs a good scrub-down. So I’m going to log off and get cracking. Have a great Monday, everyone.

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