Pithiness: Fail

Thanks, everyone — for the input re: Howard the Fish. Every time I peer into his tank he scowls at me like I’ve just poached his next of kin, but he’s looking good and the tank is sparkling fresh. I have resolved to no longer worry about it for now. In other news, I might […]

March 6, 2008

Here’s a question for you fishy folks out there. First of all — by way of disclaimer — Howard the Betta is doing just fine, and as far as I can tell, he’s as healthy as a wee, wet horse. However, I’m a little weirded out by his tank conditions as of late. It’s like […]

March 5, 2008

“Because she’s a woman” makes exactly as much sense as “because he’s black” or “because he’s old.” Regardless of who you’re voting for, THINK HARDER, PEOPLE.