writing work done over the weekend

I don’t have huge numbers to post, but (a). it’s the weekend and (b). I’m definitely getting sick. Even so, I’ve averaged about a thousand words a day during my slump, so I’m not complaining. Project: Awake Into Darkness (redux) New Year’s Resolution Status: Sound. New Words Today: 4839 Present Total Word Count: 13,778 words […]

Being Polite: Not That Hard

Because this has sort of been stuck in my craw since yesterday, I’ll go ahead and make a public note of it here. I’ve mentioned it before — how I hurriedly changed my Tennessee license to a Washington State one because of the intensely negative reactions it garnered; and since I’ve also changed my car’s […]

The Signal

In 50 words or less: Unexplained digital communique wreaks havoc with the psyche. Half the people who hear it become infected with murderous rage; other half run and hide to greatest extent possible. Perhaps occurs in a fictional (science fictional?) city that is somehow isolated from the rest of the world. Marital dysfunction and idealized […]