February 21, 2008

Still no working closet. Yes, this was supposed to take five days. Yes, it’s been nearly two weeks. No, it might not be finished up tomorrow, either. No, I’m not as pissed off about it as you might expect, because at least management is actually addressing the problem — as opposed to pretending it didn’t exist.

At present, all of our closet-stored belongings are stacked around the bedroom or crammed into the hall closet, but that’s not the thing that aggravates me most about the situation. Oddly enough, it’s the lack of a full-length mirror that makes me craziest. With the closet doors removed (and stashed in the apartment stairwell outside), I have no means by which to make sure that I’m not dressed like a total idiot each day, and it’s making me neurotic as hell.*

Anyway. Today’s stats for my noir vampire-fest:

Project: Awake Into Darkness (redux)
New Year’s Resolution Status: Solid.
New Words Today: 2702
Present Total Word Count: 8939 words
Goal: 100,000 words by July 1

Darling du Jour: “Bones had some very specific and profane thoughts on the subject, but he kept his mouth shut as if he were being charged by the word.”

Things Accomplished in Fiction: Finally finished opening chapter. This is the first time I’ve ever opened a book with a protracted scene of brutal, unwarranted protagonist peril; but it’s important. I need to remove all doubt about why this guy gets involved in the fray, and now the poor bastard has a whole lotta motivation, lemme tell you.

Things Accomplished in Real Life: Basically nothing. Have been a little under-the-weather — though not nearly so bad as Aric, and I accidentally took a nap on the couch this afternoon, thus the low-ish word count. I woke up with the cat sleeping across my neck and my laptop burning a hole across my thighs. And now, weirdly enough, I actually feel kind of worse.

Reason for Stopping: Finished scene. Have headache. Want a cup of tea and maybe a sandwich or something. I need to get up and move around.

Total Fiction Words Composed in 2008: 97,491

* WHAT IF THIS SHIRT LOOKS COMPLETELY STUPID WITH THIS SKIRT AND THESE BOOTS???!!!! Oh yeah. I pretty much never leave the house. I guess it doesn’t matter.

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