Natal Felicitations!

Behold, today my baby brother turns 19 years old.* Merriest, happiest, thrillingest of birthdays may he have — and in honor of this occasion, I am preparing myself to go caucus for the lad’s very favorite candidate. I know, I know. As if I wasn’t planning on it anyway. :)

Pictures from the caucus to come.
But first: brunch with Ellen and Suezie.

[:: dashes off ::]

* Yes, he is a significantly younger baby brother. Let’s just say that I was in high school when he was born.

2 thoughts on “Natal Felicitations!

  1. Less of a gap between you and your brother than my half brother and myself – he’s 19 years my junior.

    Go vote, lady! :)

  2. 8


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