Anecdote from the Caucus

A dude hunkered at the end of our table, scribbling in the little boxes on his caucus form. He paused. Dude: Excuse me, do you guys work here? Me: No. But maybe we can help. Dude: Okay, thanks. What does this part mean — “Are you GLBT?” Suezie: It’s asking if you identify as gay, […]

Barack Out with your Caucus Out

Wow. Well. That was the most dismal display of group management I’ve seen since my last Vampire LARP. We arrived en masse — me, Aric, Ellen, and Suezie — and we were eventually directed to the basement of a nearby school. Within an hour, the “art room” (designed to hold perhaps 30 kids at a […]

Natal Felicitations!

Behold, today my baby brother turns 19 years old.* Merriest, happiest, thrillingest of birthdays may he have — and in honor of this occasion, I am preparing myself to go caucus for the lad’s very favorite candidate. I know, I know. As if I wasn’t planning on it anyway. :) Pictures from the caucus to […]