Month: February 2008

The Weekend Forthcoming

Tonight I’ll be taking off for Potlatch, where there will be a party and I will crash it like a zeppelin full of Zippos. If you’re there, please take pity on me; come up and say hello. I only know a very small handful of the locals on sight, so I sort of feel like the new kid in school, sauntering into the cafeteria with my skirt tucked into the back of my pantyhose. Help a sistah out here.

I look like this.*
(But tonight, I think I’ll throw in my contacts. So. Like. Feel special.)

And now, for stats …

Project: Awake Into Darkness (redux)
New Year’s Resolution Status: Safe.
New Words: 3049
Present Total Word Count: 23,536 words
Goal: 100,000 words by July 1

Things Accomplished in Fiction: Introduced new power player/old gangster from Al Capone’s court in Chicago back in the day; set up the protagonist in newer, nicer digs; spotted irregularities in people’s stories; prepared to make trouble for several parties at once.

Things Accomplished in Real Life: Not much. Didn’t sleep well last night and was tired today. Cleaned house a smidge. Ate cheesy enchiladas.

Reason for Stopping: Time to get ready/freshen up for Potlatch social tonight. Might have some coffee and pop some Advil.

Total Fiction Words Composed in 2008: 109,390

* Thanks again, MARK.


Spent much of the afternoon with a friend, which was smashing — as always — though I seem to have driven off with her mail. Peculiar. Will remedy that either tomorrow or Saturday. Wrote today, though not very much. Am tired and fighting a headache and/or allergies, not to mention damp from touching up my hair dye and a little warm from a large glass of cheap wine.*

Won’t post word count, as it registers under 1K.
But here’s the darling du jour, because sometimes, I crack myself up:

“Bones gave him a frosty, ‘Oh good.’ And he didn’t wipe the sarcasm off it first.”

* Aric has been taught the way of Trader Joe’s, where perfectly serviceable South American wines under five bucks a bottle are plentiful. Helloooo canvas 6-pack vino tote.

Keeping up Appearances

Yesterday I got my Congratulations, You’re a Guest! letter from the DragonCon folks, and today I’ve been talked into attending Potlatch 17 … starting, er, tomorrow. I wish I’d known about Potlatch sooner; I’ve just had my head up my ass with all this construction on the apartment and/or keeping up my work-flow numbers, and somehow I completely missed the fact that this fine local event even exists.

But it looks like fun! And I’m going to try and start with the Clarion West General Meeting/Dessert Reception/Party. So who else among you wonderful local folks will be attending? I’ve seen their membership roster, yes — but sometimes I lose track of internet handles vis-a-vis real life names, so help me out here.