The Weekend Forthcoming

Tonight I’ll be taking off for Potlatch, where there will be a party and I will crash it like a zeppelin full of Zippos. If you’re there, please take pity on me; come up and say hello. I only know a very small handful of the locals on sight, so I sort of feel like […]


Spent much of the afternoon with a friend, which was smashing — as always — though I seem to have driven off with her mail. Peculiar. Will remedy that either tomorrow or Saturday. Wrote today, though not very much. Am tired and fighting a headache and/or allergies, not to mention damp from touching up my […]

Keeping up Appearances

Yesterday I got my Congratulations, You’re a Guest! letter from the DragonCon folks, and today I’ve been talked into attending Potlatch 17 … starting, er, tomorrow. I wish I’d known about Potlatch sooner; I’ve just had my head up my ass with all this construction on the apartment and/or keeping up my work-flow numbers, and […]