So. Tired. Today.

It’s not enough that trash collection begins in the wee hours of the morning and goes on for several hours on Tuesdays. Oh no. I’ve pretty much grown accustomed to that. But you add to the trash trucks the tree-trimming trucks that have been parked outside my bedroom window since 7:00 a.m., and now you’re […]

Surreality and Cats and Prose

I’ve mentioned before that Spain the Cat snores. No, seriously. She snores. When this 12-pound animal — who sleeps beside my head at night — really gets going good, she sounds like a whoopie cushion being sodomized by a hyena; and if you don’t know it when you hear it, it can be quite confusing. […]

January 27, 2008

I had hoped to begin this post with a video of Java the Cat — the exceedingly charming rug-roamer who lives downstairs.* But alas, YouTube is being a knob-gobbler today and it won’t let me upload the footage; and since Java can’t be persuaded to hold still without a tranquilizer dart, I only got one […]