Onward and Upward

As per usual I didn’t manage as much progress as I would’ve preferred today, but the progress is respectable, if not thrilling. I’ll hash out more over the weekend, and hey — I’m still successfully clinging to my minimum standard of 10K a week. Ideally, I’d prefer to swing at least twice that much, but until I earn enough money writing fiction that I can afford to write nothing but fiction, 20K a week will likely remain a pipe dream.

On the upshot, I’ve had several sudden anthology invites; and although I perpetually swear that I’m NOT going to bother with short stories anymore, some of the offers are too good to pass up — and they give me ideas that are too cool to remain unwritten. So it looks like I’ll be doing at least two more shorter pieces in the next few months.

Speaking of which, many of my writer buddies have been posting their yearly round-up of publishing stats. Mine aren’t really numerous enough to warrant a list format, but since several people have asked, you can find a more-or-less full accounting of what I’ve been up to over here. It’s not broken down by year, no. Because I’m busy, yes.

Progress upon the west coast steampunk Victoriana with zombies, air ships, toxic gas clouds, mad scientists, dead folk heroes, secret criminal societies, and now Bonus! extended deleted scenes from the Civil War:

2 thoughts on “Onward and Upward

  1. The concept of adding up everything I’ve written this year terrifies me.

  2. Ye gods, I bet. You’re definitely one of the hardest-working folks in show business.

    And by the way — thanks for the linkage the other day. I stumbled across it late. I’m trying to wean myself off the ‘net a bit in favor of catching up on a few projects in progress. It’s sort of working, I guess.

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