Secret project continues. It would have continued further than this, but I spent most of the afternoon boxing up and shipping Christmas presents. This was somewhat more complicated than you might expect. The full holiday expedition required a trip down the hill (on foot) for boxes and a trip down the street for brown postal packing paper, followed by a marathon session of sorting gifts and wrapping them in the packing paper — all of which led to three separate trips (on foot) up and down three flights of stairs and then several blocks down the way, toting heavy stacks of presents to the postal store. Then I had to call my mom about some stuff, and I spent way too long on the phone.

So. Yeah. The word count isn’t as high as I wanted. But I’m still fully engaged in the project, and I anticipate a compositional make-up session tomorrow. Thus far, I’ve been establishing context and character building. Tomorrow, the crap hits the fan.