Month: December 2007

Resolutions: the Short List

In 2008, I will write every single day, no matter what — because the only aspect of publishing over which I have any real control is the quality of the material published, and the quality of the material to come.

2007 hasn’t been my strongest year.
2008 might not be, either.
But it sure as hell won’t be if I slack off now.

Plans and Conclusions

Tonight, I think: the g0thbar. It’s within walking distance, it’s affordable, and a perfect excuse to glam up and hang out while waiting for the ball to drop. Perhaps, given enough motivation and little enough alcohol, we can leave a bit early and dash up the hill back home in order to watch the fireworks over at the Needle. I rather like the thought of it — ball skirt and mask, corset and boots, at the summit of Cap Hill in the cold, surrounded by eye-rolling hipsters and frosty-breathed toy dogs in designer snowsuits.

I declare it thus!
And so my plans are set in stone.

Of course, before any gussying up can take place, there’s work to do. Edits for Those Who Went Remain There Still have landed and are underway; and I’d like to compose a New Years Resolution post, but it might have to wait until tomorrow, depending.

As for the rest of you — readers, friends list, internets and your marvelous tubes — I hope that each and every one of you has a marvelous evening and a happy new year. Eat yourself some black eye peas (for luck) and greens (for money), and have yourself a smooch at midnight.

So long, 2007.
We hardly knew ye.

Productivity: Somewhat Achieved

I sent off something to Subterranean and got a little bit of editorial clean-up done; and then Ellen appealed to my hunting/gathering instincts,* so we went thrifting. I now own more hats than I have ever previously owned at any point in my life — including my bald-as-an-onion baby years, when my mother bought stock in pink baby bonnets in order to demonstrate to all and sundry that I was, in fact, a little girl.

But in my defense, they are very sensible cold-weather hats. And they are also quite kicky. Likewise acquired: shiny black rubber rain boots and three gorgeous wool skirts.** Total damage: about $70. Happy New Year to me!

I still have no idea what to do tomorrow night. I’m starting to have some reservations about that ball thingy, and I’m wondering if it wouldn’t just be easier to gussy up and hit up the g0thbar. HELP ME, PEOPLE. I have a desperate need to get dressed up and nowhere certain to go show off as I ring in the new year!

* Yes, yes. Low-hanging fruit, and all such jokes preempted and nullified by this footnote.
** The boots and two of the skirts are brand spankin’ new. Ditto one of the hats.