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6 years, 12 months ago, in the early evening

Today I emailed off Draft One of Those Who Went Remain There Still. With some exhaustion, some nervousness, and some relief, I await Bill’s commentary on that manuscript’s state. And in other Subterranean Press-type news, you can catch a sneak peak at the TPB artwork for Dreadful Skin, over on Irene Gallo’s page. Yeah, the post is a little old — but I’ve been busy lately, and sometimes I’m slow on the uptake.

October 19, 2007

7 years ago, mid-afternoon

Those Who Went Remain There Still
Projected total: 45,000 words

Total word count at present: 45,088
Total words composed today: 1230
Goal for tomorrow: A nap.

Deadline: Halloween
Reason for stopping: I am DONE with Draft Zero.
Problems I’m encountering: I’ve got a bunch of notes that I’m going to have to use to clean up and reshape the manuscript a little for Draft One, but for now I’m going to let the manuscript sit for a week or so. Next, I must return to Fathom and haul out my editorial letter.

No rest for the wicked, I tells ya.

October 18, 2007

7 years ago, in the evening

Those Who Went Remain There Still
Projected total: 43,000 words Perhaps 45,000 or 46,000 words. It’s all over but the shouting.

Total word count at present: 43,858
Total words composed today: 4574
Goal for tomorrow: The end

Deadline: Halloween
Reason for stopping: Finished John’s final POV, more or less.
Plot things accomplished: Lots and lots of chaotic ickiness.
Problems I’m encountering: Desire to go back and insert/fluff out another thread or two, but it’ll have to wait until Draft One. Draft Zero can survive without it. Draft Zero shall meet its doomy end tomorrow, one way or another. All I need now is (a). to reproduce the contents of one note and (b). Daniel Boone’s epilogue. Neither one of these things will be exceedingly long.

Hot damn.
It was a good wordcount day.