September 26, 2007

Those Who Went Remain There Still
Projected total: 38,000 words, give or take

Total word count at present: 18,442
Total words composed today: 1338
Goal for tomorrow: 2000

Deadline: Halloween
Reason for stopping: For one thing, my finger hurts. I cut it last night on the back of a booth at a bar/club; someone had broken a glass, and bits of it remained lodged in the seat. I think it’ll be all right without stitches, but frankly I’m not 100% sure of that. I suppose we’ll see. But anyway — for another thing, I’ve come to the end of Boone’s latest section, and it’s an excellent stopping place.
Plot things accomplished: Finished Boone’s chapter. He thinks the monster is injured badly, and he may or may not be right. He’s going to go check it out, and that will be his next segment — but I’ve got other territory to cover before I get back to him.
Problems I’m encountering: The freelance assignment is going a little slower than I’d like, and taking up a little more of my time. But it’s a good assignment and the money is un-refusable. I can do both, no problem. It just means slower progress on TWWRTS.
Next up: Meshack and John head out to the cave, along with four other family members.

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