Month: August 2007

back in the saddle

Today I officially began work on Those Who Went Remain There Still. Getting started is always the hardest part; I spent several days making sure I had my history correct* and reassessing where I wanted to set my location, but now I’ve gotten the introduction underway. It’s … well, it’s not the world’s fattest word count or anything, but it’s a beginning.

The final novella will probably end up between 35,000 and 40,000 words, and since I know myself, I’m setting the meter bar at the outside scope of that. I’ll probably overshoot it — at least for draft zero — and if I do, that’s fine (up to a point). However, as TWWRTS is so relatively short, I’ll avoid the metrics of the previous projects.

This is going to have to be tight.

* Or at least, making sure that I’d foul it up in a reasonable, consistent way.


After nearly an hour of sweats, freak-outs, and procrastinations, I have finally emailed Draft One of Fathom to my editor. You’d think I’d feel better having hit the “send” button, but I’m trying not to break out in hives. This is a book that I’ve been trying to write for about eight years. It’s gone through six incarnations, countless drafts, and three attempted eradications whereupon I deleted all trace of it from my files. If it doesn’t work this time, I shall simply throw my laptop out the window and cry.

Naw, I’m just kidding. Or hyperbolating, as the case may be (is that even a word?). I’ll be fine in a little bit. I’ll have a glass of wine and watch Last Comic Standing and all will be right with the universe. I bet. Final tally, after chunks of terribleness were removed from Draft Zero:

New Novella

Over at my regular blog I’ve been hinting about an announcement in the works — and now that I’ve finally got all the contracts signed up and sent off, the go-ahead has been given. So here it is, folks: in short, I’ve agreed to another novella for Subterranean Press. What can I say? I had such a wonderful experience with the composition and subsequent publication of Dreadful Skin, that I was thrilled silly when the marvelous Mr. Schafer suggested doing another.

My next project for this fine company will be called, Those Who Went Remain There Still. It’s a title I’ve been kicking around for a long time, but it never suited anything until this story landed in my lap; and when I realized what a perfect fit it was, I damn near squealed. Now this handle will figurehead a tale of expatriate 19th century hillbillies who return to northern Kentucky to settle an old property dispute. Within this story you shall find such diverse elements as an unsteady feud truce between two sets of cousins, the guilt-stricken ghost of Daniel Boone, and a flock of cave monsters with a taste for human flesh.

But wait, there’s more! Now this story comes with a Bonus! spiritualist advisor from Lily Dale, and a perplexing last will and testament left by an malicious family patriarch. Best of all, at least part of this convoluted tale is hypothetically true. Wow. Disclaimer much? Yes, well. One must be careful about such things. Let us say more correctly that this novella will be Inspired By A True Story.

I’m trying to cough up proper “flap” copy that will encompass the general idea in a few hundred words or less, but it’s tougher than it seems. My “tight proposal” ran a thousand words and a couple of pages single-spaced typed, so this is um, tricky. I’ll try to finish it up before morning, when I intend to announce this information over on my LJ, which gets quite a lot more traffic than this page does. So stay tuned. I’ll flesh out the details more thoroughly tomorrow.

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