back in the saddle

Today I officially began work on Those Who Went Remain There Still. Getting started is always the hardest part; I spent several days making sure I had my history correct* and reassessing where I wanted to set my location, but now I’ve gotten the introduction underway. It’s … well, it’s not the world’s fattest word […]


After nearly an hour of sweats, freak-outs, and procrastinations, I have finally emailed Draft One of Fathom to my editor. You’d think I’d feel better having hit the “send” button, but I’m trying not to break out in hives. This is a book that I’ve been trying to write for about eight years. It’s gone […]

New Novella

Over at my regular blog I’ve been hinting about an announcement in the works — and now that I’ve finally got all the contracts signed up and sent off, the go-ahead has been given. So here it is, folks: in short, I’ve agreed to another novella for Subterranean Press. What can I say? I had […]