Month: June 2007

June 29, 2007


New Words Today: 2470 (not bad, but it’s shameful how long I’ve been away)
Total Words: 47,446

Deadline: August 20
Reason for Stopping: Phone call. Stopping point. The two converged.
Mammalian Assistance: Cat has been yowling incessantly for no good reason whatsoever.
Context-free Darling du Jour: “The more he talked the calmer he became. In a few moments more, he might be merely frantic.”
Plot Things Accomplished: Joe, meet Mr. Mossfeaster. Try not to wibble and pee yourself.
Next Up: The rescue is underway, but it requires Joe to step outside his comfort zone, so to speak. Yee haw, we’ze gonna steal a fire engine and run away from a goddess. What? It might work …
Future Problems for Characters: To get Nia away from the water, they’re going to have to cross some of it in a ferry. Uh oh …
Future Problems for Author: BUSY WEEKEND, ARRRGH.
Target for Tomorrow: Almost certainly, there will be no word output. I’m doing the Writers Weekend conference here in town, and then tomorrow evening I’ll be going to a concert with my husband. Tonight, it turns out, I’m going to go see Bob Saget. Because how often does a girl get an invite to go see Bob Saget for free? Well. One time, apparently. So here I go.

June 22, 2007


New Words Today: 1902 (Almost 2K. *sigh*)
Total Words: 44,976

Deadline: August 20
Reason for Stopping: Came to a good stopping point. Need to get some freelancery done now.
Mammalian Assistance: Cat slept on her Tor envelope and left the plants alone. Good kitty!
Context-free Darling du Jour: “Insurance was not Joe’s passion. As far as he knew, it wasn’t anybody’s passion, but someone had to calculate and process it—and so far as the Bradenton Fire Company was concerned, that someone was Joe.”
Plot Things Accomplished: Scared the bejeezus out of Joe (whose name will change, I promise); established that Mr. Mossfeaster is a manipulative bastard who ain’t afraid to put a guy in mortal peril to further his own agenda. STILL haven’t gotten Nia out of cold storage. Next writing session, I promise; but that next session might not be until Monday. It’s going to be a busy weekend.
Next Up: Joe’s going to try to “rescue” Nia, and look rather silly about it.
Future Problems for Characters: Nia is heavy. Mr. Mossfeaster is only marginally helpful, because he’s keeping his head down for very good reason.
Future Problems for Author: Busy weekend ahead; will need to wrap up some freelancery and won’t have a lot of time for writing.
Target for Tomorrow: We’ll see what I can squeeze in over the weekend. No promises until Monday.

June 21, 2007


New Words Today: 1691 (Not great, but not terrible.)
Total Words: 43, 047

Deadline: August 20
Reason for Stopping: Had other stuff to do; husband came home with chicken and potato salad.
Mammalian Assistance: Cat slept mostly in the closet today, but when she yakked up in the kitchen I had to take a break and clean it up. So as per usual, she wasn’t 100% helpful.
Context-free Darling du Jour: “… the room looked and felt like a diorama depicting the bottom of a tide pool.”
Plot Things Accomplished: Got Joe inside the church, where there is weirdness afoot.
Next Up: Joe is going to meet Mr. Mossfeaster, methinks. He’s definitely going to go meet Nia.
Future Problems for Characters: Nia’s going to have to hit the ground running. Joe may or may not be able to keep up.
Future Problems for Author: Still haven’t gotten paid; invoice hold-up with freelancery. Paperwork snafu, will get resolved eventually … but for now, I’m dead flat broke and sort of getting worried.
Target for Tomorrow: 2000 words. It could happen.