Month: May 2007

Progress report

As mentioned over on my LJ, my next project — Fathom — will involve a little bit of recycled material from an older manuscript. When all is said and done, I’ll probably save about ten or fifteen thousand words from it, but right now I’ve successfully lifted about half that. With that old material plus a few thousand new words, the present draft stands thusly (the 100,000 word target is just a guestimation):

I’d like to crack 15,000 words before I leave for Kentucky on Tuesday (for my brother’s graduation), but that will depend on the freelance load and a number of other factors. We’ll see.

One of those other factors is supremely silly, I’m afraid. It’s like this: in the wake of a passing joke the other day, I envisioned a story called “Ninja Planet.” But once the laughing had stopped and the wackiness had long-since passed … I was left with the seeds of something that would actually make a really great young adult novel. It’d be semi-comic science-fiction, which is something I’ve never done before; but if you’re not going to push your own boundaries, why bother doing anything?

I keep thinking that maybe, if I get off my duff and cough up a proper proposal for it, the idea will leave me alone and let me get back to Fathom. Rationally, I know I’m just kidding myself. But irrationally, the story would be a hell of a lot of fun.

Stupid brain…


I’ve gotten an email or two in the last week asking about how progress on The Ado Ward is going, and they surprised me — because for a minute there, I totally forgot that not everybody keeps up with me via my LJ. It’s not that I don’t love this page (because I do) … it’s just that the LJ has a wide and established readership, and this page, um, does not so much.

Here’s where we stand: the manuscript topped out around 63,000-plus words, but I’ve trimmed it back down to about 61,000. I expect to pare it down to maybe 58,000 or so before before the draft is ready to share. I’ve created a proper outline, though, plus a fresh spanky proposal/pitch that sounds pretty good (I think).

Well, all of that plus the first five chapters are off to my agent now.
Progress is underway. More will come. Eventually, there will be a finished product. I promise.