cheap and easy

This weekend, I managed about 7,000 words on The Ado Ward — but I still didn’t reach the end. I probably could’ve killed it off last night, but by 10:30 or 11:00 I was so tired of staring at the screen that I was afraid any output would be poor and forced, so I excused […]


I cracked 50,000 words on The Ado Ward, and I’m going to squeeze out more today if it kills me. I know I’ve got Not Flesh Nor Feathers edits pending, and I swear to all the important-type folks who read this that I will not be late with them … but I honestly think I […]

darling du jour

Re: being caught outside in a hurricane. “The angry air smashed him flat against the wall and scraped him along it. The wind shoved him, dragged him, and pushed him. It was a million blankets smothering; it was a freight train crashing. It took his breath away and used it against him.”