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The Ado Ward marches forward.

The outermost bands of Hurricane Tammy are coming ashore, the power has gone out in the old hospital, one nurse is dead from a kamikaze tree through the torso, and two teenage girls have stolen a vintage Vespa — which they boldly ride out into the storm, hoping to rescue their friend.

Tonight, I hope to get the girls up into the hospital proper. They’ve already arrived and stashed the Vespa in a narrow alley, and they’re looking for a good entrance to the main building (since they don’t know where the adolescent ward is located, exactly). Once inside, they’ll have to explore their way through the abandoned campus, locate the correct wing, and dodge the homicidal, supernatural psychiatrist who’s busy trying to break into the hospital safe.

Meanwhile, Bentley (so named for the place of his conception — or that’s what he likes to tell people) is stuck in the dark with three other juvenile delinquents and one youngish counselor. They’re collectively held hostage by the enormous live oak which burst through the entrance, speared the nurse, and blocked the main corridor; and the blind-eyed, cat-sized white creatures that crawl through the ductwork are starting to freak people out.


Last Modified on March 26, 2007
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