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Last night, in lieu of television or backseat-gaming, I sat on the couch with my laptop and cranked out another 2000-plus words on The Ado Ward. BOO-YAH. This thing might get finished one day yet. A few weeks ago I made the outlandish claim (on my LJ) that I’d try to have this one wrapped […]

Work in progress

The Ado Ward marches forward. The outermost bands of Hurricane Tammy are coming ashore, the power has gone out in the old hospital, one nurse is dead from a kamikaze tree through the torso, and two teenage girls have stolen a vintage Vespa — which they boldly ride out into the storm, hoping to rescue […]

new reviews

I’ve updated the Reviews page here with fresh commentary about Dreadful Skin — swiped from Strange Horizons and the Sacramento News & Review, respectively. Also, since I’m in an updating sort of mood, here’s where we stand with The Ado Ward: Yeah, I know. Lots of work to do. But in my defense, lots of […]