I know, I know

I keep saying I try not to double-up content between this page and my LJ, and for the most part I do a pretty good job … but this is too cool to remain contained to one post. Oh yes. Yes it is. Behold: cover art for book 3 in the Eden trilogy. John Jude […]

interview me

I just stumbled across an interview — conducted at DragonCon 2005, by my old friend Glas. Bless his heart, he tried so hard to do a serious, proper, reasonable podcast interview. But you see, he’d stolen me away from a party* and dragged me out to supper, and I was completely freaking goofy. Check it […]

Just Dreadful

One of the nerve-wracking horrors of writing a historical fiction (if this is not usually your working genre) is the deep-seated fear of leaving lurking anachronisms lying about. I mean, you try to kill them all, but things have a way of sneaking through; and this has been one of my longstanding fears re: Dreadful […]