can I get a w00 w00?

My husband has always been an exceptionally good critic when it comes to all things written, played, or filmed — and he is, therefore, one of the tougher readers I have to please. Though he often golf-claps politely at my pseudo-literary efforts, and he usually confesses to my greatness (when pressed) … the poor man is so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff that I shove under his nose* that it’s fairly rare for him to stand up and cheer without provocation. But twice now in the last week this very thing has occurred.

So from this day forward, let the record reflect that Aric is quite taken with both “Our Lady of the Wasteland and the Hallelujah Chorus,” which is the concluding novelette in Dreadful Skin — and “Wishbones,” which is my short story lurking between the covers of the Aegri Somnia.

Man. I must’ve really had my A-game going.

* Sample dialogue: “Did you read it yet? How about now? What about now? Now? OMG J00 READ IT, HOOORAH! DID YOU LIKE IT DID YOU LIKE IT DID YOU LIKE IT OMG TELL ME YOU LIKED IT ALREADY, TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME!!! Okay, cool. Thanks. Now you must read this one…”

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