dupilicate duplicate

I usually try not to duplicate content or do too much cross-linking between this page and my daily LJ/blog, but in this case I’ll make an exception. If you’re idly interested to see some photographs of the real-life locations and people who populate Wings to the Kingdom, feel free to bop over to my livejournal. […]

can I get a w00 w00?

My husband has always been an exceptionally good critic when it comes to all things written, played, or filmed — and he is, therefore, one of the tougher readers I have to please. Though he often golf-claps politely at my pseudo-literary efforts, and he usually confesses to my greatness (when pressed) … the poor man […]

that’s ms. preist to you

Yesterday I mailed off the sig sheets for the special editions of Aegri Somnia, so that Apex Digest can print them all up together — and lo, there will be copies of the anthology signed by all of us contributing authors. Also, there will be some confusion, I bet, because I’m not exactly doing posterity […]