Snow Days

Got snowed/ice in and couldn’t go to work today; so I telecommuted to my day job (how hip!), nibbled incessantly, and actually got a little fiction writing done, too. I’m not sure where the all-day munchies came from, but I’m happy about the writing progress — as it’s the first I’ve managed in weeks. So […]

Seasonal Grab Bag

So here comes Turkeyday, and I am hopelessly unprepared. Hypothetically, this is not a problem — since I have formally refused to do any cooking whatsoever over this particular holiday. Aric and I will be part of a local “Orphan’s Ball” for some folks like ourselves with no family nearby, but we’re still not 100% […]


Today, Subterranean Press is having a big sale. 40% off oodles of super-swank titles — including, but not limited to, such fine works as my own collection Dreadful Skin. Also, is offering Four and Twenty Blackbirds together with Wings to the Kingdom for $22.03. Pretty good deal, that. If you’re interested in these sorts […]