Still Alive

After having been sidetracked by a few side projects, I’m back in business on Our Lady of the Wasteland. The epistolary format is working beautifully, and today – having been inspired by the lovely, fluffy Victoriana of The Illusionist – I’ve coughed up several thousand words, most of which I intend to keep. I would […]

Sallying Forth

“Our Lady of the Wasteland and the Hallelujah Chorus” is officially underway. It took me longer to get a good start than I would’ve preferred, but that’s just how it works sometimes. With this little segment of Dreadful Skin I was delayed by the most basic “I can’t start until I’ve sorted this out” thing […]

oh yeah

“Halfway to Holiness” = all the way up to share-worthy draft. Green light from Schafer. “Our Lady of the Wasteland” = underlined and underway tomorrow. Wings to the Kingdom, sequel of Four and Twenty Blackbirds = cough cough [:: point point ::] sneak peek. My work here is done. You know. For now or something.