Month: August 2006

Still Alive

After having been sidetracked by a few side projects, I’m back in business on Our Lady of the Wasteland. The epistolary format is working beautifully, and today – having been inspired by the lovely, fluffy Victoriana of The Illusionist – I’ve coughed up several thousand words, most of which I intend to keep. I would throw up a wordmeter to demonstrate my progress, but for some reason I’m being told that I haven’t got permission to create one – which is silly, as I’ve created dozens in the past. Ah, well. No swanky graphics for me.

Let’s use our imaginations, then:

Our Lady of the Wasteland and the Hallelujah Chorus
6228 / 20,000

My sister is coming into town this week, so I expect progress to be slower than usual. But I’m on a roll, now. The first few thousand words are always the hardest (for me, personally). Fasten your seatbelt, kids – it’s all downhill from here.

Sallying Forth

“Our Lady of the Wasteland and the Hallelujah Chorus” is officially underway. It took me longer to get a good start than I would’ve preferred, but that’s just how it works sometimes.

With this little segment of Dreadful Skin I was delayed by the most basic “I can’t start until I’ve sorted this out” thing of all* – point of view. The first installation is told in multiple first person POV; the second is primarily third person limited – with brief forays into single first person POV; and it was suggested by Schafer that the third piece bookend with first person again. I agreed with him – and I’m glad he suggested it … but this opened a whole new kettle of fish, can of worms, or what have you.

Did I want to do it in multiple first person POV again? Single? One or two? Three or four? If more than one (besides the primary protagonist) – then who? Under what circumstances? Eep!

But I think I’ve got it. Since I’m playing with Victoriana, the answer was right in front of me: I’ll treat this part as an epistolary novel. My protagonists have scattered anyway, and they’re trying to reconnect – this is perfect. It’ll set up What Done Gone Wrong Since Part II, Who’s Still Alive, and How We’re Going to Tackle This-Here Problem of Werewolves and Whatnot. It will also allow me to keep the feel of parts 1 & 2 while still presenting a small variety of (thematically consistent) format flavors. Different voices, different perspectives, credible exposition. I win! Of course, after the first few letters I’ll probably have to resort to journal entries, but this is acceptable, too.

I’m about 3100 words deep – most of it written over the last day or two – and I’m loving the vibe of it. It’s vintage without being boring, and it lets me play rough with speaker personas. Giggity gigity!

But now, as many of you know – I’m in the middle of a move this week. We’re not going far (it’s less than a mile), but it’s still a pain in the ass. Even so, this will be totally worth it. I can’t wait to get into our new digs; they’re infinitely preferable to our present circumstances. I’ll try to keep my productivity up even as I schlep boxes and such, but I might not be up to my regular 2-5K a day schedule until next week sometime.

[:: flexes muscles ::]
[:: gets a whiff of pizza from down the street ::]
[:: knocks off for lunch ::]

* For me, personally. I know other people are sometimes comfortable swapping out once the story’s underway, but I’m not. I like to know who’s talking before I get going.

oh yeah

“Halfway to Holiness” = all the way up to share-worthy draft. Green light from Schafer.
“Our Lady of the Wasteland” = underlined and underway tomorrow.

Wings to the Kingdom, sequel of Four and Twenty Blackbirds = cough cough [:: point point ::] sneak peek.

My work here is done.
You know. For now or something.