Update time

Things are getting a tad fragmented over here, I must admit. I owe Apex Digest a short story at the end of this month, I promised Bill at Subterranean another nun-with-a-gun story, and I’m still typing away on The Ado Ward. It looks like – much as I don’t care to do so – I’m […]

What it doesn’t mean

No, this doesn’t mean I’m going to quit working on The Ado Ward. Far from it. If anything, it means I’m going to try to wrap it up all the faster, in order to clear the way for all the massive editorial work I’ve got coming down the pike. * * * * * I’ve […]

A jolt in the arm

The following word meter is both true and misleading – I’ve added/factored in the 5000 word prologue this time. Therefore, this is my total word count at the moment … but only a couple thousand of those words are actually new material. 13,800 / 65,000(21.2%) Unfortunately, it appears that the prologue won’t pan out for […]